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Acting as an extension of your marketing team and providing actionable strategies to Improve marketing yield.

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We take a collaborative approach, working directly with the marketing team and directors to identify the long term growth objectives, perform an audit of the entire marketing funnel and apply appropriate intervention at each stage to correct, refine, improve and set process for a highly optimised conversion ratio.

We look at everything.

1. Analysis

The first step would be to analyse your entire digital ecosystem ranging from the digital strategy you currently have in place, your customer base, website and social analytics data, industry trends, competitors, SEO data, user behaviour and the CRM system to advise on business goals and set a plan for how we are going to get there.

Touch-point mapping

2. Planning

Once we know what we want to achieve we activate mapping of entire touch-point journey of a “typical customer” for a full understanding of how an individual interacts with the brand, product, etc. over time and basis that nullifying and optimise all the unnecessary media channels, messaging and content that is potentially blurring the message you want to convey along with media you want to reach through.

Staying on target

3. Reporting

To help stay on the right path and make complex decisions easier, It is very important to track the metrics based on the purpose of that specific channel and overall goal set for. We implement reporting format and KPI for all the marketing functions such as website tracking, user time on page/drop off rates, conversions, lead to call time, dialogue, user-engagement etc. and evaluate it with relevant stakeholders every fortnightly.


4. Scale-up

To answer the main question – ‘What is working for us and how much can we scale up?’ We run reporting data to find out why a consumer chooses your brand over some others and identify that touch-point, media along with intervention that is working. Accordingly, we plan to reach the maximum potential of those media and touch-points.

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You can also call us on +91-8882153371 or send us an email on